Fly with Cathay Pacific: Discover the Perks and Benefits

Fly with Cathay Pacific

Traveling is such a great experience that can happen in one’s life. Going to those dream destinations whether being a solo traveler, a couple, with a group, or family, there is a unique joy that can be experienced in traveling that cannot be obtained from other things. This is the truth, which many can relate to. It is the main reason why there are lots of people who love to explore and discover new things through visiting places across the world. It is called the exploration that satisfies many individuals in this modern era.

Going too far places across the world became so easy in these times because of the innovations in the mode of transportation.

Now, Cathay Pacific is leading the way in getting people to their dream destinations. They are known as the world’s leading airline that provides a premium flying experience for every traveler today. This is not an ordinary airline that will only get someone to a place where they wanna go, because they leveled up the flying experience of every traveler. It is through their offer of exclusive perks and privileges for their members who signed up and continue to fly with them.

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All the Perks and Benefits


One of the main reasons why Cathay Pacific is different and goes on top of the line among other airlines is because of their way of elevating the travel experience by providing exclusive privileges. They are not excellent in providing safe travel, but assuring that every traveler gets the best experience to their dream destinations. They simply show how they are committed to providing a luxurious and comfortable travel experience.

The benefits and rewards being provided to a Cathay member depend on their member status, namely: Green, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Once signed up, the first entry is being a “Green member”. But it will be leveled up to being a Diamond member through earning the so-called “Status Points”. But check out some of the rewards and benefits to each said membership status.

  • Green member – It is automatic to experience priority online check-in. Also, they got the privilege of 24-hour free cancellation on their booked flight ticket. Discover more about this status through the official website.
  • Silver member – Here, they can access the business class lounge. Also, they get to experience special rates for shopping and dining. More of this is on the site now!
  • Gold member – They have the perks of additional baggage allowance, which many travelers would love to experience. Aside from experiencing extra legroom seats, they can also reserve their preferred seats. Check out more of this now!
  • Diamond member – All the perks from Green to Gold statuses are what they can also experience. In addition, special rates are awaiting them on various offerings by the airline.

There are lots of experiences for every Cathay member today so do not hesitate. Join this community and start to be a “Green member” first. Then, simply earn those status points through continuously flying with the said airline and their partners. Also, use their co-branded credit cards when spending on various things to earn points too. Rest assured that there is no annual membership fee here.

Do not hesitate to reach out to Cathay Pacific’s customer support to get more information about all the benefits of being a Cathay member.